How does E-Learning Help the Corporate World?


As of today there is a rapid growth of the use of e-learning in the corporate world. From employee hiring to employee onboarding up to employee training, e-learning flat forms has been used to qualify the best persons for the organization. But what does it really helps your company when it comes to the financial point of view? And to your employees performance?

First and foremost it saves you travel expenses for the employee. No more accomodation allowance to an expensive suite where the seminar will be held, no more transportation allowance that your company will provide and no more food allowance that of course you will provide as well for your training employees.

Next thing is time management. You wouldn’t want 50% of your employees are all out for the training seminar and it will leave you with less than 50% on the sales production side. This is a big impact on your financial income to think that you are all shouldering the training expenses.

On the employees performance side, e-learning courses helps you determine which employees are the best fit for the job. It has to have a good online course contents that will help you see each of your employees capabilities. It is also the best way to let the employees know about what compliances does the company have and what they need to follow.

Now what is the benefit of e-learning vs a face to face training? Again it’s the cost. Especially to those companies with 500 learners or more. In-depths research reports highlighting the fact that the cost per head for e-learning is a small fraction of the cost of a face to face training. All you need is a good and effective e-learning content that can easily be adopted by the learners.

You might be wondering now, will e-learning work for them? Answer is yes. It can reveal improvements in employee’s knowledge and understanding of compliance and ethic policies, their attitudes towards them and their ability to carry through into their day to day practices.

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