Use e-learning to give your company a competitive edge

Back in the day, implementing company-wide training used to be a major hassle. For a task as simple as training employees on the latest computer upgrades company leaders had to hire a presenter, schedule group appointments (making sure all shifts were being covered) and take employees away from important work at hand.

The effectiveness of such training was questionable at best.

Employees often didn’t see the value of such training and put in as little effort as possible. Meanwhile, managers worried if the message was being delivered efficiently as they had no way to tell if employees understood it or not.

Those days are long gone. Today, business visionaries are turning to e-learning platforms to deliver instructional messages that meet the unique needs of their individual company.

sharepoint logoUsing powerful technology such as SharePoint LMS, company leaders are creating meaningful learning environments that allow them to customize training by creating a personalized learning experience, promote relationship-building and encourage collaboration among employees.

However, e-learning has to be more than just informative, it needs to be engaging. Use e-learning platforms to pique the attention of trainees by:

  • Integrating short quizzes, tests and surveys
  • Posing questions in different formats
  • Linking to multi-media presentations
  • Including internal documents
  • Synchronizing learning activities
  • Encouraging participation on discussion boards

E-learning isn’t limited to technology, either. Blended learning opportunities that combine instructor-led training with e-learning formats and self-study or supplemental training can really drive the training message home.

Because of all the possibilities, more companies are turning to SharePoint LMS. This operating system is perfectly suited for business training because:

  • It’s available anywhere, making it a solid choice for businesses with offices all around the globe
  • It works with existing SharePoint infrastructure so there’s no hassles trying to implement a new system
  • Centralized administration allows leaders to manage the process from one location
  • Employees become connected with a single learning experience
  • Courses can be managed using templates, customizable course pages and tracking systems

Give your company an edge over the competition by creating a cohesive workforce that works collaboratively together as one single unit. To learn more, visit


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