Training, Certifying Employees Easier Than Ever With SharePoint Module

Hiring new staff members is never a simple task.

Once employers go through the entire application and interview process they then need to verify the accuracy of information provided in order to find a perfectly qualified candidate. When that task is complete and the candidate has accepted the position, managers are hit with challenge of training new employees so they understand the company’s practices and philosophies.

Bright colors imageThen there is the matter of certifications and competencies.

In many job fields, certifications in areas like compliance and first aid are a necessity. Other industries have a need to test new hires on their skills and competencies to see how they will best fit into the organization.

Elearningforce International has introduced a breakthrough product that can help company leaders better manage these issues. It’s called the SharePoint Competency and Certification Module and it’s a customized framework system backed up with the power of a full suite of learning management tools.

Let’s say Mr. Smith needs to determine the competencies of his 20 staff members. With the SharePoint Competency and Certification Module he can:

  • Define his company’s standards
  • Set required and optional competencies for each job position
  • Test employees on their core competencies
  • Determine if there are any skill gaps
  • Create an action plan to take care of any gap in proficiencies
  • Connect employees with SharePoint LMS online courses that will help improve competency
  • Track the certifications, online classes and personal competency levels of individual employees, employee teams or specific departments
  • Suggest new competency and training levels for employees interested in promotions

The best part is that all this valuable information is retained in one location, giving Mr. Smith unprecedented access to the details he needs when he needs them in the SharePoint environment he is familiar with.

Business managers and human resources employees have a lot on their plate these days. The SharePoint Competency and Certification Module doesn’t allow important information to fall through the cracks. It notifies administrators when employee certifications are set to expire and creates a method that gets them quickly re-certified. It can deliver reminder messages to specific departments.

Help human resource administrators keep on top of complicated competency and certifications issues. Let the SharePoint Competency and Certification Module do some of the heavy lifting so they can focus on other important tasks. The innovative module is available online at



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About Elearningforce ANZ

SharePoint LMS transforms SharePoint into a powerful, collaborative learning management platform that fits the way you do business.
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