Recent Upgrade Makes A Great Product Even Better

Businesses across the world have discovered the power on an online learning programs. With one application they can develop a comprehensive training program and reach employees around the globe.

sharepoint LMSAnd when they need an online learning application, the product they turn to is the SharePoint Learning Suite.

SharePoint Learning Suite allows company leaders to create meaningful learning environments by customizing training for a personalized learning experience, promoting relationship-building and encouraging collaboration among employees.

With its recent upgrade, now online company administrators can do so much more.

SharePoint LMS 4.1 supports group collaboration by making it possible for employees to work together on assignments. The course administrator can then chose to submit grades for the group as a whole or as individual learners.

With the assignment template, administrators can also reuse settings for similar assignments, making the process as quick and simple as possible.

Other enhancements to the SharePoint LMS 4.1:

  • A grade book that is more organized by allowing filtering based on SharePoint groups
  • Additional settings that allow for even more customised learning
  • A drop box option that checks for plagiarism
  • Allowing a completion date to be added to reports
  • Global announcements that can be managed and an end date specified for each
  • The ability to interact even more closely with the SharePoint Registrations and Enrollment Module (REM)

REM is the second component of the SharePoint Learning Suite. This also underwent a major upgrade that includes:

  • Advanced courses search
  • Easier user flow with simple navigation tools
  • A settings page exclusive to the course administrator
  • ICS attachment that allows users to add a course to their Outlook calendar
  • Automatic personal competencies for learners who complete REM courses
  • Expiration settings for certificates that are earned in REM online courses and SharePoint LMS online classrooms

The third component of the SharePoint Learning Suite is the Competency and Certification Module (CCM) that sets, tests and manages the competencies and certifications of staff members. A new upgrade on the CCM is scheduled to be unveiled in July.

To learn more about the SharePoint Learning Suite and how it can assist you and your company, visit



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SharePoint LMS transforms SharePoint into a powerful, collaborative learning management platform that fits the way you do business.
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