New Program Lets Technology Live Up To Its Promises Again

Remember when technology was supposed to make our lives easier?

While it has dramatically changed the way we communicate, work and research, it has also created a whole new area of frustration. Program viruses, computer crashes, software glitches and incompatible programs can hamper our efforts to work quickly and efficiently online.

That ends today.

LMS 365 PicELEARNINGFORCE has introduced LMS 365, a powerful product that brings together innovative learning management technology with Office 365 . This creative solution instantly makes learning a routine part of doing business by making LMS 365 and Office 365 compatible with each other.

Being able to seamlessly move between the two programs makes it easy to address training needs without complicated software or jumping between two different systems. The features of LMS 365 include:

  • Course creator that creates team sites that can include all kinds of apps including SCORM Player and other learning app.  The course creator creates course sites with contents defined by the creator.
  • A course catalog that displays a list of all courses and allow learners to search by category. The catalog can also identify required courses and due dates and let learners know which courses they’re already taking,
  • SCORM player capabilities that allow managers to add SCORM-based training to any desired SharePoint page in any application or publication
  • A My Learning section that gives learners the ability to resume any training session with a click, check and review their learning progress
  • Administration and reporting section that lets company leaders manage and track the learning process from a single, central point.

LMS 365 seems to do the impossible: Deliver online learning and training classes to employees using Office 365, a popular program that most of today’s workforce is already familiar with and comfortable working in.

Let’s face it. Training has always been a complicated – and expensive – proposition for companies. Managers often had to schedule a training session, find a way to cover shifts so that everyone could travel to an off-site location and follow up to make sure employees embraced what was being taught.

Online learning with LMS 365 eliminates all that hassle. With a single Office 365 log in, LMS 365 allows managers to create and manage course materials with Office and SharePoint and communicate and schedule training using Outlook email and calendaring. They can remind employees about training opportunities and view progress reports by individual and course.

On staff learners can begin, resume and finish training on any number of devices wherever they are at.

Future upgrades coming soon will include:

  • A quiz feature
  • Learning paths
  • Assignment manager with grade book
  • Certification manager

LMS 365 is the latest solution that support e-learning from ELEARNINGFORCE, the creator of SharePoint LMS, leader in learning management solutions for Microsoft technology. The company specializes in affordable online learning solutions that are just as or more effective than traditional brick-and-mortar classrooms for businesses around the world.

Antiquated programs and outdated technology is not the answer. LMS 365 is available at


ELEARNINGFORCE ANZ | Level 6, 115 Pitt Street| Sydney NSW 2000 | Australia

Australia: 1300 911 631 |New Zealand: +64 9889 4255|

ELEARNINGFORCE International – Microsoft ISV Partner of Year 2012

SharePoint LMS – Turn your SharePoint portal into a learning platform




About Elearningforce ANZ

SharePoint LMS transforms SharePoint into a powerful, collaborative learning management platform that fits the way you do business.
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