Safety + Security = SharePoint LMS

What are the first words that come to mind when you hear the words “government training”?

We’ll give you four: Safety, security, privacy and confidentiality.

We at ELEARNINGFORCE understand that government agencies have unique needs so we have designed a powerful, collaborative learning management system that leaves no training stone unturned.

INGRUNFS0262At all government levels whether local, county, state or federal –  SharePoint LMS’ elearning platform provides a comprehensive training format that allows materials to be updated frequently. This way all personnel are empowered with the latest information.

Training can be delivered in numerous languages. We are aware that government personnel aren’t only on the job in Australia. They are on duty here and in countless nations across the world. SharePoint LMS has an incredible global reach within its infrastructure.

Without the multilingual component, government departments won’t be able to work smoothly together toward the one, unified goal of serving its citizens.

This goal has to be met in a cost-effective manner. Over and over again we hear about government entities struggling to offer the highest levels of service with the least amount of funds possible. SharePoint LMS provides a high rate of return on investment because it reduces training costs while increasing productivity.

Like they say, time is money and with SharePoint LMS, training materials can be distributed electronically by a push of a button. No more need to create paper training manuals that need to be delivered, or worse yet, snail mailed. No need to create a PDF and email it across department hoping that people take the time to open it up and study it.

With SharePoint LMS, government leaders know that their employees are absorbing the information, processing it and interacting with it. This, after all, is what good elearning training is all about.

With SharePoint LMS’ single login capabilities, government administrators can control the most valuable aspects of online training: Course participation, materials, completion and performance tracking. They can see at a glance that compliance and certification issues are being addressed and that makes all departments a stronger single unit. Safety is vital and cannot be compromised under any circumstance.

SharePoint LMS ensures that won’t happen, but that successful training opportunities will.

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 ELEARNINGFORCE International – Microsoft ISV Partner of Year 2012

 SharePoint LMS – Turn your SharePoint portal into a learning platform

About Elearningforce ANZ

SharePoint LMS transforms SharePoint into a powerful, collaborative learning management platform that fits the way you do business.
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