Why SharePoint LMS is the Perfect Corporate Business Partner

The corporate world moves at the speed of light these days. Life-changing decisions are made in a split second and feedback from customers flies fast and furious over the Web.

7876950_xxlYour training needs shouldn’t lag behind. With SharePoint LMS it won’t.

Here are some compelling reasons why business leaders need to invest in an e-learning training solution like SharePoint LMS:

Snail mail it’s not. Information needs to be disseminated quickly and efficiently. There’s no time to construct a memo, send it to department managers and hope it is delivered in a timely manner to all employees. Whether you need to review company policies, train employees on a new applications or make sure all employees are properly certified in basic first aid, SharePoint LMS makes it simple to share vital information with all employees directly at the same time.

It saves dollars and makes sense. No matter how great an e-learning platform is, it needs to be cost-effective. SharePoint LMS makes the most of existing SharePoint infrastructure and processes. Its customizable SharePoint-based interfaces create a personalized experience that results in a rich, collaborative environment without the need for additional training on a new program.

It engages great minds. After a while, reading materials can get monotonous. Employees will pay attention to your training message because it:

  • Integrates short quizzes, tests and surveys
  • Poses questions in different formats
  • Links to multi-media presentations
  • Includes various learning activities
  • Encourages participation on discussion boards

It does away with outdated instruction models. Learning should be fun and use resources that employees are used to dealing with on a daily basis. Employees need familiarity to be successful, not some talking head putting them to sleep. With a computer program, it is impossible for employees to doodle through important information or send a text while the speaker is talking. E-learning formats like SharePoint LMS demand that employees pay attention and learning the information presented.

All the e-learning information is loaded in one convenient location so it can be quickly accessed. Since employers have complete control of the learning information to be shared, there are several customization options that make the learning to unique to you and your colleagues.

Productivity soars. The SharePoint LMS mobile app takes learning to a whole new level by SharePoint LMS making a tablet or Smartphone work for you wherever employees are at. It works with most mobile platforms, including Windows Phone 7, iPhone, Android phone, iPad and Android tablet. So now, whether working at an office across country, on a business trip overseas or while vacationing on the beach, employees can access valuable training information in a timely manner.




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ELEARNINGFORCE International – Microsoft ISV Partner of Year 2012

SharePoint LMS – Turn your SharePoint portal into a learning platform


About Elearningforce ANZ

SharePoint LMS transforms SharePoint into a powerful, collaborative learning management platform that fits the way you do business.
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