Should Tracking Be a Top Priority?

Let’s face it: Each and every day there are a million of work-related tasks that need to be taken care of – and taken care now. It is understandable how HR and managers can fall behind in tracking their employees’ participation in training programs.

However, it is crucial that it not happen. Here’s why:

Compliance, compliance, compliance:

Org_CompetenciesCertifications and compliance are a necessity and in some cases, even required by law. If you allow those compliances to expire, you are opening up a whole can of worms when it comes to potential lawsuits, government regulations and public feedback.

This can cost time and money in fighting legal questions, bringing competencies back into compliance with fines and responding to the public’s faith in your products and services.

Other companies have a need to test new hires on their skills and competencies to see how they will best fit into the organization. This can be a vital tool in determining the best candidate for a specific job position.

The SharePoint Competency and Certification Module (CCM) from ELEARNINGFORCE allows company leaders to establish mandatory and optional competencies for individual job positions, identify skill gaps or lacking competencies, create action plans to address proficiency problems  and efficiently test employees on core competencies. It takes the complicated tracking process and automates it in an easy-to-operate format.

Administrative features:

It’s no simple task to maintain the paperwork needed to prove employee certification and compliance. Not only do companies have to offer such programs, but they have to maintain the paper proof that they have done so.

It can be a lot for one person or even one department to handle.

If you’re ready to ditch the spreadsheets and paper documentation, we suggest the SharePoint Competency and Certification Module. This product, part of the SharePoint learning management suite, does all the “heavy-lifting” for you. It can:

  • Create a profile and maintain personal data for each employee
  • Generate custom reports
  • Archive history records
  • Track certifications expiration and re-certification
  • Set up email templates for system notifications
  • Deliver announcements to different groups, users, departments, etc.

Don’t let tracking efforts get the best of you. Keep your office running smoothly and leave behind outdated tracking methods – we bet it will not only clear time from your schedule, but also some space in your office.

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