A SCORM Player That Keeps All Employees on the Same Page

Perhaps there is nothing more frustrating than when someone sends you a document that isn’t formatted for a program on your computer. When that document is from a colleague at work, the issue can become even more complicated – and potentially embarrassing – because you have to send a request asking that they send the information in a different format to accommodate your computer.

When it comes to e-learning, everybody has to be on the same page and able to access the content without any hassle – otherwise the training becomes too much work and employees won’t respond well to it.

SCORM PLayer 365

SCORM PLayer 365

That’s why clients everywhere love ELEARNINGFORCE`s SCORM Player 365 capabilities. With SCORM (that stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model) Player app for Office 365, companies can utilize all the benefits of a learning management system without having to implement a full-blown LMS.

It’s the perfect combination of Office 365 and SCORM Player all wrapped up in the convenience of a hosted, cloud-based solution.

This makes it possible for company employees to access  training materials from wherever they are without first having to install the program from a portable drive. Now, when employees are ready to log in, there are no unnecessary delays. SCORM Player 365 is ready whenever when they are ready.

Make logging in even easier by using the SCORM Player Web Part to create course home pages that can take employees directly to the training module they need. Or, add training directly to any Office 365 page for easy accessibility.

If training is already under way, administrators can make it easy for employees to jump right in where they left off by utilizing the My Learning Web Part to provide immediate access to the training wherever they are.

The best part is that all access is secure, confidential and customizable. SCORM Player 365 is proven, state-of-the-art technology that helps employees learn and master the skills needed to advance their company ranks.

Empower your staff with the right tools they need and you’ll make your company stronger, more competitive and definitely more successful.

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