How to Get Fast Performance Results

There’s no place for the “guessing game” in today’s business environment.

  • Do your employees have the certifications and compliance paperwork required by the law or necessary for their employment position?
  • Do they know when those certifications expire and need to be renewed or updated?
  • Can your company be fined by government regulators or sued by those impacted by non-complaint employees?
  • Can my company afford to monitor compliances and provide training to those who don’t have them

ELEARNINGFORCE`s SharePoint Competency and Certification Module (CCM) not only gives company administrators peace of mind, it establishes mandatory and optional competencies for individual job positions, identifies and alerts manager to potential gaps in skills and creates action plans to address any core competencies.

How can you use SharePoint LMS for performance support?

It is not enough to just tell employees about certification requirements or even to provide re-certification training. No, your job as a company leader is to make sure that your employees completely understand the material presented and fully comprehend every single one of its components. Sounds almost impossible, so can it be done?


Online employee training and development is one of the most important aspects of your company’s operations. To harness its true powers and make it work for your company’s unique needs, you need an online training program that is relevant to your organization and one that will engage your employees enough so that they will easily retain the information presented.

However, the training program must also be simple for employees to access, easy to navigate and have the ability to get them the learning support they need when they need it.

Why is performance tracking important?

With so many different aspects to consider, here is another one – integrating performance tracking tools in the training program. As a company leader, you need to know who is logging on, what certifications they need, what competencies have changed and how to manage organizational structures.

The good news is that ELEARNINGFORCE`s SharePoint Competency and Certification Module has these capabilities and is ready to:

  • Create a profile and maintain personal data for each employee
  • Generate custom reports tailored to your unique needs
  • Track certifications expiration and re-certification
  • Deliver reminder announcements to individual or groups of employees as determined by you

Performance tracking is essential to keeping your company’s operations running safely and smoothly. It can help employees with the knowledge they need to know and the information if you have to know.


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