ELEARNINGFORCE`s SharePoint Learning Suite Transforms Traditional Classrooms

When it comes to “classroom learning,” one thing is for certain: A classroom is no longer defined by having four walls, a chalkboard up front and a teacher at a desk. No, today’s learning environments are much more diversified.

And that’s a good thing.

4445490_mOnline learning has a strong tendency to draw in a greater number of learners because its advantages are very attractive:

  • People can learn at their own pace when their schedule permits, whether that means 4 a.m. after the baby’s early morning feeding or midnight when the neighborhood is silent and their concentration is best
  • Courses are available wherever learners are. With ELEARNINGFORCE`s SharePoint Learning Suite’s mobile access, people can log in from a Smartphone app, tablet, laptop or home computer
  • There are no more dreading boring lectures that seem to go on and on. Online learning is dynamic, so it engages learners, asks them to collaborate with other learners and makes them enthusiastic about their education

With ELEARNINGFORCE`s  SharePoint LMS, any classroom can be transformed into a cyber-classroom that delivers a convenient, personalized experience.

The great thing is that all the learning and tracking tools that teachers love can still be utilized with online learning.

Classroom seating charts, grade books, syllabuses, class rosters and staff information is all there at their fingertips. The online format enhances the process, offering multi-thread discussion boards to connect with learners and a rich slate of management abilities such as lesson attendance tracking, task assignments and an internal course information mailbox.

This makes the prospect of online learning exciting for many teachers and administrators instead of scary. There is a level of comfort with e-learning platforms that is combined with a new learning style and technology. Students have long ago embraced these changes so there isn’t a better time to smoothly transition (or even combine) traditional instructor-led training with a virtual solution such as ELEARNINGFORCE`s SharePoint Learning Suite.





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ELEARNINGFORCE International – Microsoft ISV Partner of Year 2012

SharePoint LMS – Turn your SharePoint portal into a learning platform

About Elearningforce ANZ

SharePoint LMS transforms SharePoint into a powerful, collaborative learning management platform that fits the way you do business.
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