Time to Get Down to Business

Autumn is upon us and as the lazy days of summer fade away into more structured daily routines, it often inspires human resources managers to get their “ducks all in a row” so to speak.

CCMPart of that task likely deals with the issue of competency development. Studies show that employees want to have more to their employers and they desire the stability that comes from staying with the same company for more than a few years at a time.

However, these same studies show that people don’t want to remain stagnant in their positions. They want to expand their skills, earn promotions and contribute in both mentorship and leadership roles.

As an employer, you want – and need – employees to put their best foot forward on a daily basis. One way to achieve this motivation is by providing your employees with the resources they need to step up to the plate.

This is where core competency-based assessments come in. Using SharePoint LMS’ Competency and Certification Module (CCM), company managers and human resources personnel can assess the skills of individual employees and compare them with company standards using a shared method.

For employees seeking a promotion, the CCM has many benefits, including:
• Being able to view mandatory and optional competencies for individual job positions. This gives them the opportunity to review their skill sets and identify any gaps or lacking competencies to prepare for a new position in advance of making the application
• Offering them the ability to connect with SharePoint LMS online courses that will help improve competency
• Having the ability to monitor their own re-certifications and address them when they are set to expire

For employers and HR managers to best utilize SharePoint LMS’ CCM, they simply need to:
• Develop standards that reflect the company’s unique needs and skill sets
• Adopt a practice of annual reviews that give employees an honest assessment based on progress made throughout the year
• Set clear expectations for advancement through company ranks

SharePoint’s CCM is a way to simplify the workload, stay on top of essential competency and certifications issues and give employees a chance to control their own destiny by preparing for the future. In the end, who benefits the most from the CCM process? It’s not management or employees. With clear standards aligned with company philosophies, it’s the company as a whole that wins – and that benefits everybody.

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