Why It`s Important To Never Stop Learning While on the Job

No matter how good you are at your job –  no matter how many clients you have or industry awards you’ve received or how many lives you’ve saved or children you’ve inspired, there is always a need for additional training.

shutterstock_133608929And e-learning is the perfect platform for business owners and managers to provide those targeted lessons.

Lessons learned

Why provide any training in the first place? Here are a few good reasons:

  • To educate employees on new computer software
  • To empower employees with good communication skills that will help them serve customers better
  • To let employees know about new business processes
  • To give employees the opportunity to learn more about each other by participating in various activities in order to build a sense of team
  • To familiarize employees with a new product or service
  • To announce improvements to overall company practices

Why e-learning?

That’s an easy one. Trying to get all employees in the same room at the same time is a scheduling nightmare. Plus, when you have a company to run, orders to fill and customers to serve, it can be impossible to pull valuable staff members away from their duties even for an hour or two.

You don’t want to shut down your business. No customer wants to take time out of their busy day to stop by only to be greeted by a sign that states “Sorry, closed for professional training.”

E-learning is the best solution for reaching out to all employees simultaneously despite their geographic location. It is the perfect vehicle for giving employees a chance to learn new skills, explore new concepts and to test their knowledge on new subjects.

Protect the bottom line

We know that training, seminars and in-service days are expensive propositions. It’s costly to pay employees not to do their job even when they are learning skills that will enable them to perform their job skills more effectively and efficiently.

Once the content is introduced online as part of an e-learning platform, it is ready to be shared with all employees instantly. There are no added travel expenses for food, accommodation or airfare. No reimbursing employees for fuel based on the kilometers required to attend classroom training. No need to rent a large facility or to make thousands of copies for employees to flip through and then promptly throw in the rubbish.

Keep ‘em coming back for more

Employees will want to tap into additional training if they know it will be productive, interesting and interactive. E-learning programs such as SharePoint LMS provide blended-learning techniques like instructor-led training, self-study training and supplemental training for face-to-face instruction to keep learners on their toes and always ready to come back for more.


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SharePoint LMS transforms SharePoint into a powerful, collaborative learning management platform that fits the way you do business.
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