Why Top Companies Have an E-learning Partner on Their Side

It used to be that operating a successful company simply meant supplying customers with goods and services that needed in a timely, friendly fashion. That definition no longer has a place within today’s competitive global marketplace.

As a result, many organisation’s have responded by opening offices in key geographic locations. Expansion into other countries can generate additional profits and notoriety, but it also stretches the workforce and puts additional pressure on an organisation’s existing company infrastructure when it comes to training.

shutterstock_211919350Companies that want a seamless delivery of its products whether the order is being processed in Sydney, Auckland or Shanghai are turning to partnerships with e-learning formats to keep employees all on the same page.

Innovative e-learning solution SharePoint LMS, has a global reach that makes the most of what processes your company currently has in place. It was built from the ground up using Microsoft® SharePoint® technology and works effortlessly with SharePoint® and Microsoft office applications.

This is a huge benefit as online learning has the unique ability to be universally available. This provides convenient solutions for managers and employees alike as SharePoint LMS features a centralised administration with standard SharePoint® administration processes and SharePoint® interfaces that can be configured and managed from anywhere in the world.

SharePoint LMS has comprehensive Office 365® integration, making it possible to have built-in access to mail, calendaring, tasks, contacts and chat capabilities as well as unprecedented access to document libraries.

With integrated document management capabilities that makes course materials downloadable, allows sharing of joint-effort documents and minimizes uploading of course-related documents, SharePoint LMS is easy, convenient and a successful component of online learning achievement.

With a single sign on, what many managers like is that it can bring workers together in a digital environment for a shared learning experience. This creates a collaborative work environment and a unified workforce without travel expenses or interruptions in productivity.

That means that even employees who have never met before can build a relationship across boundaries. They can help each other with training regardless of location and carve out a personalized, unique learning experience like no other.

Language isn’t a barrier either as SharePoint LMS includes multi-lingual interfaces to keep companies competitive in a global marketplace. With all these benefits, don’t you think it’s time to have an e-learning partner on your company’s side?


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SharePoint LMS transforms SharePoint into a powerful, collaborative learning management platform that fits the way you do business.
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