SharePoint LMS is on the Cutting Edge of Managing Competencies

It’s not glamorous, but companies need to develop and manage competencies in order to thrive. It’s one of those dirty little secrets that some managers like to sweep under the rug and ignore, but it’s time for these processes to see the light of day.

shutterstock_207143959There’s no need to turn a blind eye to this part of your business plan. Instead, you’ll feel much better knowing that you have a formalised competency management strategy in place.

Take charge

You can’t know what you are up against until you are able to define what competency means to your company. Is it a term used to describe a basic understanding of the industry or an integral knowledge of specific work practices? Do overseeing government agencies require certifications and compliance in areas such as first aid as a necessity?

After you figure out what compliancy means to your organization, tackle the compliancy management head on. Develop a list of certifications and competencies for each employee, department or team. This list should include a history of requirements and achievement dates as well.

 Manage competencies

To ensure that these compliances don’t expire, rely on SharePoint LMS to setup and manage organizational structures and create organization competency frameworks. SharePoint’s Competency and Certification can:

  • Compare current competencies against defined your company’s unique competency framework.
  • Specify jobs, roles, and required competencies.
  • Create competency plans.

If your company does discover competency gaps among employees, SharePoint LMS can automatically generate automated course suggestions and allow immediate enrolment in courses designed to fill these competency gaps. Company leaders can track the employee’s performance in these courses to make sure they are up to standard.

Develop systems for new employees

If your company is legally bound to uphold certain certifications and competencies, you’ll more than likely want to test new hires on their skills. This way you can easily determine who is best qualified for the job at a glance. SharePoint LMS makes it simple to establish mandatory and optional competencies for individual job positions so everyone knows up front what is required. Don’t put your business in jeopardy. Stay on top of certifications and competencies with SharePoint LMS.

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