LMS 365: A Team Player

Teaching is a tough profession. There’s no doubt about that. So when a tool comes around that can make the task of organising classroom documents and discussions that much easier, educators tend to sit up and take notice.

That’s the case with LMS 365.

shutterstock_229879762This learning software has the unique ability to mesh with other computer programs, such as the new Microsoft OneNote Class Notebook Creator for Office 365, to create a powerful classroom tool that will benefit teachers and students alike.

OneNote Class Notebook Creator for Office 365 allows educators to easily set up notebooks designed for use by a specific class. This notebook can include classroom folders that are shared with everyone, personal reflections that are kept private or information on general classroom topics and additional resources.

These share notebooks often become a hub of classroom activity as they can include:

  1. Collaboration space for teachers and students to work together on project.
  2. A content library where teachers can post course materials and assignments for students. Students do not have access to the edit feature in this section, but can view or copy materials published by the instructor
  3. Student notebooks, which are private spaces for each student to work in. This area can still be viewed and edited by the teachers, but students cannot see each other’s work in other individual notebooks. Some materials in this area may include: Handouts, class notes, quizzes/tests and homework assignments

LMS 365 adds many benefits to this process. Its Course Creator function makes it possible for educators to transform SCORM packages into formal courses. Supporting materials from SharePoint® and OneDrive® documents can be used to create blogs, discussion areas, wikis and calendars for the course. It is ease of use at its best.

LMS 365’s Office 365® Course Catalog can then be used by students to find the best course match that meet their needs. With just one click students can enroll in or un-enroll from a course.

With the My Learning feature, students can effortlessly track their classroom efforts. They can view their performance at a glance and see when a course has been completed. This is the area where students will go to resume their training course if they were interrupted earlier. They can simply pick up where they left off on any device with any application.

LMS 365 is powerful on its own, but when combined with other applications and programs, the entire experience is enhanced even further. Just ask any teacher.

To learn more, visit http://www.lms365.com or call 1300 911 631 in Australia, +64 9889 4255 in New Zealand.

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SharePoint LMS transforms SharePoint into a powerful, collaborative learning management platform that fits the way you do business.
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