How to Not Let Competencies Take Precedence Over Business Operations

Never before have there been so many government-mandated rules and regulations for business to contend with. Even smaller companies which have been traditionally exempt from Federal and State Government mandates based on their size are now being required to comply with various regulations.

This can be veryshutterstock_226165507 overwhelming, especially when you consider that the mandates are coming not only from the federal government, but also state, county and local units.

The best way to effectively manage all these rules is to develop a competency plan. This plan can:

  • Outline every aspect of what your company needs for compliance
  • Keep you up-to-date on changes to technologies, policies and laws
  • Keep a running history of competency changes, certifications and course performance for every employee
  • Encourage employees to stay on top of industry best practices
  • Track legal requirements for specific employee positions
  • Monitor compliance with employee certifications

E-learning platforms help businesses of all sizes create and implement a comprehensive competency management strategy. It all starts with establishing an organisational structure that can be easily and realistically managed on a day-to-day basis. Using an e-learning platform is the best way for corporations to measure employees’ skill levels. It is a cost-effective method that will also help with competency frameworks, time management and scheduling conflicts.

Above all, the plan will identify competency gaps so your company is not penalized for letting some certifications or competencies fall through the cracks. “I didn’t know” is not a response that governmental regulators like to hear.

The great thing about competency plans is that they can be as detailed as administrators want. They can outline competency needs for departments in general or very specific job positions. They can even define and manage competencies for individual employees.

Linking your competency plan with an e-learning platform will not only allow you to identify gaps in competency, but find ways to address them as well. These programs point out competency gaps and automatically enroll employees in required courses to fill in the gaps.

The program’s management capabilities allow company managers to keep track of where employees stand at any given moment. This is a great tool that can assist with performance reviews as well.

Quit worrying about what is coming down the pipeline next. Instead, rely on the programs you have set up and the people who you depend on every day. E-learning platforms such as SharePoint Learning Suite are designed to produce results and that’s exactly what you will get with a high quality Learning Management System.

To learn more, visit or call 1300 911 631 in Australia, +64 9889 4255 in New Zealand.


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