The Business Value of an LMS?

shutterstock_376373866 - CopyThe question is how to achieve a valid and clearly articulated business value for your LMS needs. Most contemporary approaches will attempt (with heavily construed modeling), to place an ROI or ‘return on investment’ on the LMS to establish the value or return for your investment.  The approach usually has a couple of key points in the process, where nothing short of a ‘leap of faith’ is required to believe the financial outcome. This document runs slightly counter to that view, in the sense that it attempts to place emphasis on the potential cost to your business if you ignore the value from e-Learning and from a Learning Management System (LMS).

Typical views of LMS’s, if you used one at Uni’, are large complex environments, ones which require substantial effort to both learn and understand the applications’ inherent processes. With a need to conform to specific requirements and process order to manage those complexities.

In business today that just won’t make the grade.

The key for business, is speed and flexibility, in a world of ever changing markets with new competitors springing up from previously unknown countries. Digital disruption changing businesses and customer expectations in a flash, means respond or die, and respond fast. To respond at ‘the speed of light’, to innovate, and to deliver and learn new skills to remain relevant and competitive in your field.  Those skills are only acquired at one level, your staff, the largest investment your business makes to be in business in the first place.

Being responsive to new training needs, updated business processes or new ways to deliver customer service, has to be consistent, has to be standardised and delivered in the shortest time-frame possible. Delivered to a diversified and geographically dispersed team, or teams.  OK, so no time to learn new software, this is where the utilisation of all your existing Microsoft software and platforms comes into play. With LMS365 adding value to your current software investment, working in familiar environments and interfaces, and on existing infrastructure. Providing global access and language flexibility.


LMS365_White_greybgLMS365 from Elearningforce offers that advantage with ease of installation, simple set-up and will have you sharing new focused course content with your team(s) in a few days, using Office 365 and SharePoint technologies to deliver a world class solution.

I offered some hope at the beginning to save you from unexplainable equations for an ROI analysis, in case you still need to complete an ROI, here are a few bullet points that may just help you get to that part too:

  • 24×7 online training/skills updates/product launches/customer service processes anywhere anytime, utilising your specific course content with video embedded for a true on-line or blended learning approach.
  • If you can build the content quickly, that is how long it will take you to get the new content delivered in a structured way to your teams.
  • Sales training works to an extent, usually face to face for a few days then, “good luck out there”, well you can reinforce sales training with on-line support and coaching to reinforce the messages, update product information and develop presentation skills.
  • Teams and business managers can work across boundaries using Integrated capability to collaborate, IM chat, wiki’s, content access and content storage, embedded SCORM content, and real time on-line discussion groups, quizzes and learning paths.
  • If you are committed to success, then you will analyze each job role, and break that down to a series of role based competencies, checking and updating those on regular basis (based on need or legal requirements) – the system sends reminders, courses make the content available and enable the team stay on target and current with skills, wherever they are.
  • Finally, you achieved all that without anyone traveling into the head office or an expensive hotel, no room booking, no interstate or international flights and no failure of overhead projector to interrupt your smooth training delivery.

To avoid a “leap of faith” please add the numbers you think work for each point above.  If you’d like to have a chat about how this could be your business, we would be delighted to help you stay in front of your competition, and with luck make all your corporate goals this year.

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SharePoint LMS transforms SharePoint into a powerful, collaborative learning management platform that fits the way you do business.
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