Learning the fast track to productivity

shutterstock_161758706Onboarding is the single best thing your business can do to set that great new hire onto the right course.  Learning is what you do first, next, and then keep learning.  A trick is to understand what new hires are looking for and why.  Understanding this could become a key to building and maintaining an energized educated, and highly performant team in your business.

There are many factors to embrace here, this is not about control and owning mind share, no-one rational hires the best they can, to then tell them what to do at the micro level.  What you need new hires to do, is to understand the company, its history and philosophy, and where the current vision is taking it.  Learn fast and learn early.  When smart people are clear about this, they can apply new thinking new ideas and enhance the future vision of the business.  That means fast track thinking to new ways, new products and services, crafting a revised or even totally new vision for the business.

For most organisations taking new ideas from concept to delivery is a clear challenge, how to keep doing what you do, add new thinking and new ideas with new processes to keep re-inventing your business model.  This can only be achieved with by being totally responsive to new training needs, updated business processes or new ways to deliver customer services.

Each part of the training process has to be consistent, has to be standardised and delivered in the shortest time-frame possible. On a global stage this has to delivered to a diversified and geographically dispersed business model. Taking precious time to learn new learning systems, is just counter productive.  This is where the utilisation of all your existing Microsoft software and platforms comes into play. With LMS365 adding value to your current software investment, working in familiar environments and interfaces, and on existing infrastructure. Providing global access and complete language flexibility.

LMS365 from Elearningforce offers that advantage with ease of installation, simple set-up and will have you sharing new focused course content with your team(s) in a few days, using Office 365 and SharePoint technologies to deliver a world class solution.


John Driscoll – Elearningforce 22/3/2016



About Elearningforce ANZ

SharePoint LMS transforms SharePoint into a powerful, collaborative learning management platform that fits the way you do business.
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