Is Corporate L&D being replaced by eLearning?

shutterstock_230835547There are some key trends emerging in both Learning & Development and eLearning.  One is under challenge, the other is growing rapidly,  eLearning is winning without competing directly.  It offers so much in terms of meeting and exceeding the emergent need of delivering on new trends in corporate learning.  In the ANZ region top of the list for those new trends is ‘Collaborative learning’ closely followed by ‘Social learning’.

Both fast becoming cornerstone trends in training delivery.  In order to understand those trends, and the speed they are overtaking education in a practical delivery sense to corporates. First, is to recognise what underpins those immediate needs.  Demand is for low cost high speed solutions, ones with multi-locational (in a geographic sense) then multi-lingual for global business and adaptive delivery capabilities; and all those meeting platform and/or device independence and mobility requirements – anywhere, anytime.

Is that the end of L&D in the corporate world?  Maybe not, one situation that is clearly not being addressed by the remote, independent situational learning of your own choosing, is one that can only really be achieved in group meetings where creative learning and understanding is both extended and improved, where pedagogy can take place through cross team collaboration.  This approach of ‘Blended learning’ or the ‘Flipped classroom’ meets this need and should not be totally abandoned.

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The clarity then is that, ‘on-line eLearning’ can meet the largest part of the transfer of learning.  Using on-line tutorials, quizzes, video training, building and delivering great content.  So it should form a core focus now in updating your education delivery for your corporate teams.  Merging that with some classroom (on-line group class or physical group) is a highly effective way to deliver deeper learning experiences and enhanced education outcomes.  In a corporate world that component can clearly be defined as coaching either in experiential on the job training, or in class or group situations.  The outcome will be a deeper transfer of education and overall better results.

The core to achieving this will be the type of platform you choose to create, refine and deliver eLearning to your teams.  Avoid complex LMS environments, this will only hinder your progress, instead look for an easy to learn solution, one with intuitive interfaces that require no additional learning to progress through the training program. An LMS such as LMS 365 for Office 365 will assist to rapidly meet that need, deployed in hours to your teams using familiar Microsoft technologies and designed to enhance the training uptake and completion of all course materials.  An easy to understand LMS solution with a shallow learning curve, will mean better outcomes for your eLearning efforts. This will ensure that employee training efforts are all on the key transfer and retention of core training needs and not squandered on simply learning complex LMS programs.


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John Driscoll – Elearningforce ANZ 30/03/2016





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