Using LMS 365 for Core Management tasks

LMS 365 for Mangement shutterstock_91923764What I am referring to is Management of the less directly controlled aspects, where a process is people centric perhaps multiple step(s) or areas of the business, management of customer processes, customer facing, support or on-line management, where change needs to be monitored and management control exerted, in order to maintain desired outcomes or customer satisfaction measures.  This part of management process is often managed in a different way.

That general way, and it has been for some time is to ‘write an e-mail’ to the relevant people or areas of the business covering the key issues considered. And ‘that fixes that’.  The question of course, and I’m not casting doubts on any process you use, but does that, fix that?

E-mail is not the desired mode of communication of the tail-end of Baby Boomers and GenX employees, and definitely not for Millennials. Firstly, it’s not their actual preference, and secondly there is the view that e-mail has a ‘natural decay rate’ – the rate at which all memory fades, and that I’m afraid is only a few days as the e-mail volume piles on top of the last management missive (assuming it was read at all).

Other risks to the plan are changing job roles, job shifting, reorganisation, jobs losses, redundancy, retirement and promotion etc., all of which can put pay to the last management strategy e-mailed to the teams.  You may have other areas where such information is stored for collaboration and exchange, Content Management Systems, formal and informal – all as good as your archive or document management process or strategy. All designed to show which are current and in-force and what has been, or what it replaces.  Maybe that specific knowledge sits with the team, same risks apply as above.

What I’m suggesting here is that control of procedures, processes and all relevant and desired management adjustments, including training and staff development can all be managed by the same systems and processes deployed across your business.

You may already have to tools, if not, they are no longer onerous ones to acquire. Your Learning Management System – LMS is such a tool, use micro learning for on-the-job soft skills, cultural changes, and the same system will help you create categories and courses for all relevant processes, with added short training events, or complete courses for delivering staff training.  This is for job change, job orientation, task change, process change, or as required for induction. Providing video, presentation based, or other media as required to keep processes and systems up-to-date for each of your business processes as required.  Management of the system simple and immediate, so only current course content is presented for consumption.  These can be deployed to all staff wherever they are and on their device of choice.  Allowing complete management control and administration reporting over delivery, tracking and management – make your next management policy decision make difference to the business you can see and measure.

So how easy is it to get your business running with an LMS?  Hours not days and with a Microsoft Office 365® compatible solution – LMS 365, securely run in the Cloud – Microsoft Azure®, this can be one of the most cost effective management systems your business can employ.  ELEARNINGFORCE ANZ can install a solution for your business pre-installed with a selected range (our advice or your selection) from current Vado 350+ library of on-line state of the art micro eLearning courses covering key areas of management and management development. Annual subscription model based on numbers of employees, makes sound financial sense, no IT or IT Systems to manage, just consume the service on the device of choice, any-time anywhere. To learn more….


John Driscoll, Director ELEARNINGFORCE ANZ  4/5/2016

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